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  1. 金融交易的本质是Asset Re-allocation
  2. 判断新事物可跟进性的标准是是否有可能从中盈利
  3. 局势决定市场情绪,市场情绪决定价格走势
  4. 技术应用离变现的距离决定是否值得投入

Financial Market Modelling

Stock market is a game market in which asset re-allocation happens everytime. It is interesting that stock market functions both as a place of capital investment and financial arbitrage. Initial share offering (IPO) pumps money into the market. Stock trading is an exchange between corporation and the investors. Stock trading between investors does not affect the balance sheet of the corporation.

"Money inside the market" refers to the overal valuation of the stocks in the market. It is the circulation of currency in the market. The circulation of currency happens together with the circulation of stocks.

There are many historial patterns of the market both in long-term and short-term, paired with economy patterns.

Asset valuation is a subjective, opinion based process substantially affected by human bias. Investor irrelationality is the basis of stock market arbitrage.

The flucation of stock prices is directly caused by trading orders, which is caused by the following two factors (independent of each other, but may function jointly to determine the bid/ask price):
1. The news of the corporation (fundamentals of the company)
2. The bid/ask of other market participant (the movement of other players)

Stock market has two functions, asset valuation and medium of exchange.

Bid-ask Spread

Unmatched ask price (monetary unit in currency in exchange of stock) is always higher than bid price, the difference between ask price and bid price is the bid-ask spread.

Supposedly, the bid-ask matching system will execute a trade when the price of sell order is equal or lower than a buy order. The execution price will be the price of the sell order, as it satisfies the monetary requirement for such trade, meanwhile potentionally saves money for the buyer.

The executation price will always be the ask price.

Special Thoughts

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在大牛市背景下,做空交易的成功率显著降低,优质科技股的Intrinsic value保证的大跌的低可能性,牛市背景的看多情绪蔓延推高股价。另外,天然的通胀率也保证的股市市值的放大。


fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence

Order Book Matching Algorithm


Financial Investment

Algorithmic Trading / Automated Trading