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English Vocabularies

  1. progdigious
    very impressive
  2. Earnest
    very serious mentally
  3. Aloof
    keep distance from things
  4. Rupture
    break relationship with
  5. Demeanor
    the appearance to someone, the attitude to someone
  6. Shephered
    To guide
  7. Ostensible
    intended to display but not true
  8. Articulate
    express oneself clearly
  9. loath
    unwilling to do something againest one's own thinking
    to give comfort in grief or misfortune
  10. Tranquil
    quiet and peaceful
  11. secular
    of or relating to physical world, not spiritual
  12. infidel
    a person who does not believe in religion
  13. Marvelous
    extremely good or enjoyable
  14. Rudimentary
    very basic
  15. Renaissance
    A period of time in Europe when culture and science are in a boom
  16. Scared
    worth of respect in a religion
  17. Embroil
    to throw someone into disorder
  18. Renown
    highly respected
  19. Unanimous
    Agreed by a crowd of people
  20. Injunction
    an order from court or other authority that something must be done
  21. Dissent
    To publicly disagree with opinions
  22. Proscribe
    Prohibit from doing something
  23. Deviate
    to stray from a principle or norm
  24. Cosmopolitan
    a person who have been different part of the world and know a wide range of things
  25. Disseminate
    to cause to go to many people / spread knowledge
  26. Vigilant
    Carefully watchful to avoid danger
  27. Inculpatory
    Imply guilt
  28. Exculpatory
    to clear from alleged fault or guilt
  29. Consensus
    widely consent inside a community
  30. Scum
    A layer of something unpleasant or unwanted that forms on top of a liquid
  31. Revelation
    a usually secret fact that is made known
  32. Barrage
    a bar placed at a water course to increase the depth of the water
  33. Collision
    secret cooperation with someone for a dishonst purpose
  34. Subpoena
    a written order that command someone to appear on court
  35. Obsessive
    thinking about something or someone in a way that is too much
  36. Solidarity
    A feeling of unity between people who have the same interests, goals , etc
  37. Secular
    Not overtly or specificially religious
  38. Innertie
    The tendency to stay in the current position or movement
  39. Endogenous
    Having an internal cause or origin
  40. endowment
    the action of endowing something or someone.
  41. prelude
    prevent from happening
  42. Quid Pro Quo
    Exchange of benefits (negative word)
  43. Propensity
    an inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way
  44. Heresy
    An belief that is strongly at variance with established customs of beliefs
  45. Caveat
    Formal warning regarding specific issues.
  46. Tranquil
    free from disturbance; calm
  47. Ex post
    based on actual results rather than forecasts.
  48. ex ante
    based on forecasts rather than actual results.
  49. contemplate
    Think, consider
  50. deter
    discourage from doing something
  51. obliterate
    destroy utterly; wipe out
  52. brace
    a device that clamps things tight together.
  53. delinquent
    showing or characterized by a tendency to commit a minor crime.
  54. perimeter
    Boundary, confines, edges
  55. Annihilate
    Destory utterly; completely removal
  56. arm’s-length transaction
    A transaction that both party are participating out of pure self-interest, under no pressure.
  57. idiosyncratic
    quirky, peculiar
  58. contrarian
    A person who opposes popular opinions in the market
  59. succumb
    to yield to superior strength or force or overpowering appeal or desire
  60. sift
    to seperate or seperate out
  61. pundit
    a person who gives opinions in an authoritative manner usually through the mass media
  62. aberration
    rarity, exceptions
  63. repudiates
    Discard, refuse, deny
  64. prudence
    The ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason
  65. elusive
    hard to comprehend or define
  66. epitomize
    Examplify, make the example of something
  67. appraisal
    An estimation of something; an expert assessment on a particular subject
  68. resultant
    derived from or resulting from something
  69. Allusion
    In indirect reference to something
  70. Captious
    An often ill-natured inclination to stress faults and raise objections
  71. Encumber
    weight-down, burden; to impede or hammer the function or activity of something
  72. Encumberance
    A claim against property
  73. Ample
    more than adeguate, more than enough
    to bring trouble, pain and agitation to; to bring physical distress to
  74. Stringent
    marked by rigor, strictness or severity; marked by money scarcity and credit strictness
  75. preponderant
    have superior force, power; having greater influence
  76. precipitate
    to bring about abruptly, result in
  77. premise
    a proposition antedecentally supposed or proved as a basis of argument or inference
  78. Depressive
    tending to depress
  79. Daunt
    tending to be overwhelm or intimidate
  80. Tread
    to step or walk on or over; to walk or proceed along
  81. lax
    not tense, firm or rigid
  82. spiral
    winding around a center or pole and gradually receding from or approach it.
  83. pendulum
    钟摆, a body suspended from a fixed point so as to swing freely to and from under the action of gravity and commonly used to regulate movements.
  84. Chronic
    Persist for a long duration
  85. putative
    assumed to be, supposed to be
  86. linchpin
    An indispensible part of the organization or object
  87. Austerity
    An austere act, manner or attitude
  88. Dairy
    Milk or milk related infrastructure
  89. Diary
    A log of events or transactions that are kept on a daily basis.
  90. Extrapolation
  91. Domicile

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MySQL Administration Memo

Database Backup

  1. Command Used to back up a database in Linux

mysqldump -u root -p edusoho > edusoho.sql

  1. MySQL Directory Layout

If install from rpm package, the .lib .h and all other type of files are placed by rpm into the corresponding directories

If install by uncompressing a tar, the mysql directory layout will be preserved.

  1. MySQL Command

mysql > show processlist;

mysql > show status;