Work Journal, May 17 – May 27

May 17

  1. Unable to register docker service inside a docker container
  2. All development headers provided by Python-dev package (Centos 6, maybe including ubuntu) should already be included by anconda2/3 distribution
  3. Floating-number precision lost error was caused by lacking of python package: nose_parameterized

May 18

  1. $PATH, $LD_LIBRARY_PATH are different bash shell variables
  2. "hostname" can be viewed in file /etc/hostnames

May 19

  1. /etc/profile, ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc will be executed by bash shell sequentially
  2. "alias" in bash shell command is purely a replacement for longer commands when put into effects

May 27

  1. Theano run time error:
    Initialisation of device gpu failed! Reason=CNMEM_STATUS_OUT_OF_MEMORY
    Solution: disable CNMeM by deleting the following lines in .theanorc
    cnmem = 1